Mobicosa Customer Testimonials

Thank you SO much for the new bottle of Mobicosa Gel!! I’m 3/4 of the way through my original purchase, so this latest bottle came at a perfect time. I will be starting Physical Therapy soon and am anticipating using it even more. I do feel that this product alleviates much of my stiffness from my recent ankle injury. I’m optimistic, that before long, I can begin running again and will continue to use Mobicosa Gel as a regular treatment in my workouts, as I am expecting some discomfort.

Thank you for offering such a natural remedy. Two thumbs up for Mobicosa Gel!!

Billie Jo D. from Tunkhannock, PA

‘My wife has mild joint pain and was under a specialist for some time. We were recommended to try Mobicosa by a friend and after a short time on the capsules she started to have less pain and much more mobility. After six months her specialist (although he wouldn’t credit to Mobicosa) declared that she had beaten it and would no longer have to come to him. The company that we were buying it from changed their product to Motipid saying that is the same product but it doesn’t do the job as well as the Mobicosa in my wife’s case. As I said earlier we are so glad to find another supplier of Mobicosa. She will now be going back to Mobicosa and I will keep you monitored on her progress.’  *And about three and a half (3+1/2) months later in late May 2013..’My wife has almost completed her first bottle of Mobicosa since going back to it from Motipid. The results are quite dramatic. She has regained much more mobility and has far less pain in her hands, knees and shoulders, as well as none of the mild night pain (and sleepless nights), that she was experiencing on her previous medication. As stated in my previous email, we are so happy to find we can once again buy Mobicosa.’

Sincerely, Grahame.

The Mobicosa is going very well for me. After 2 knee operations I have mild joint pain in my left knee joint and patella and from previously being very active, having to downgrade my exercise has been difficult to adjust to.

The cream has given me quick relief (within 30 minutes) and now I have completed the loading phase of the tablets, I have been able to go for walks through Cleland National Park some 12 kms with very little pain and inflammation post exercise. I am extremely encouraged and keen to see the effects of the product through the medium term.

I will gladly keep you updated of my results. Thank you so much for formulating a great product.”

WL, Australia.

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