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About Us

The Beginning

Natural Health New Zealand was established in the year 2001 by a group of individuals who after many years working in the Greenlipped™ mussel industry saw the potential in this unique mollusc. This led to development and formulation of this nutritionally rich food to its fullest potential, with the emphasis on high quality premium product.

With many competitors in the health supplement industry offering plenty and delivering very little efficacy for the consumer, Natural Health New Zealand decided to devote its time, energy and resources into ensuring our products are delivered in their optimum state.

We continue to research and invest into this amazing product and to further develop other unique products that are manufactured from sources within the natural environment of New Zealand.

Our Mission statement

To provide an international market with natural products that are safe, effective and well researched. Products that are sourced from our country New Zealand, bringing a piece of our pure produce to the world.

Our Culture and Values

Health and Efficacy – providing a proven natural alternative to pharmaceuticals.

of our ingredients will always be the best available, processing, formulation, and manufacturing will be made to international and country specific requirements.

of our raw ingredients will be from New Zealand.

of our ingredients will always be paramount to our products, ensuring that they are sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Integrity – ensuring that each one of our products incorporates the above values.